The Holy Books Of Pisces Season

"psychic self defense"

Edgar Cayce said thoughts are things. He also said Mind is the builder. So not only what you say but what you THINK affects you, of course. And others.

New Agey people often talk about “psychic attacks” and “emotional vampires” and stuff like this and I never felt it so keenly until recently and how the more good you do in the world, the more dark can surround you.

A metaphor from my tradition: there’s something called the Yetzer Hara, the “evil inclination” and they often speak of it as something inside you, like a little devil whispering in your ear, but for my purposes here I’m speaking of it as an outside force. Kinda like a Mars transit. You can’t stop it. It comes at you. For better or worse.

I think it’s more important than ever to protect yourself, using strategies, techniques. The internet is full of this stuff, like closing up your chakras for instance before going to crowded places.

It’s daily maintenance that’s the hard part and with my North Node in Pisces in the 6th House being transited by… the Sun, Neptune, Chiron, and the New Moon soon… routines are… Well? Where are they? Look at Einstein’s piles of papers there in the picture. It’s beautiful, ain’t it?

Something I did today which I found helpful is that I used a certain book from my tradition and it comforted me. The old language. The old words. I know some people need to leave the religion of their childhood behind. I dip in and out of mine but I do know that when I enter these books, I feel protected and that actually there is nothing stronger.

I’m bringing this up during Pisces Season because it is a spiritual topic and a confusing or nebulous topic and it can be hard to know what’s yours and what’s from out there.

But with Mercury in Pisces now heading to oppose Mars retrograde in Virgo? It’s a balance of the practical technique and routine of Mars in Virgo vs. the holy words of a Mercury in Pisces. You need both. And that’s what this Mercury/Mars opposition is to me: a holy book.

Do you have one? Can you get one? Maybe you’ll write one.Β 

So for Pisces Season, consider adding in a new ritual, a new spiritual, that you want, that you think you may need, that you feel may protect you from the yetzer hara, outside or inside… because during Pisces Season our boundaries are paper thin.

Pisces rules poetry so here’s another haiku of longing from the same anthology I mentioned earlier, edited by poet Robert Hass:

First day of spring–

I keep thinking about

the end of autumn.


Update! My schedule is a little tight on Tuesday but am still scheduling Mini-Moon Readings (and other readings, including Tarot) this week. Email for more info at moonpluto@gmail. Β And if I don’t get back to you right away, it means my phone is acting up (as usual!)

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