The High Art Of Pluto Living

"moon pluto conjunction"
Pluto thru the 5th house

Sometimes the only thing you can do is wait. Replace Pluto’s intensity with patience. I was telling someone this in the comments, it’s a thought I read elsewhere, and it really epitomized it for me… the crux of the Pluto Emotional Intensity Problem.

Patience, patience. Easy, easy. I was telling someone (actually maybe two people!) in a reading that my mother used to say that to me: Easy, easy…. even when I blew my nose too hard.

Pluto People want everything yesterday, perfectly (especially if Virgo is involved) but moving towards patience is truly the high art of Pluto living and where Pluto is in your chart is where you will OBSESS which calls for easy easy

And I like the idea of making Pluto your art and that there is an art to living with Pluto.  See?  You can detatch a wee bit, step back, observe what you’re doing, the mess you’re making and know that nothing is ever dead and gone –  just transformed (Pluto).

1. Show up

2. Find your truth

3. Don’t get attached to results

My therapist from 20 years ago told me this and I never forgot it.

Pluto is heading to my 5th House (Creativity! Leo’s natural house! Love! Also Pluto is Pregnancy and the 5th is kids, literal or metaphorical) so this whole idea of the art of Pluto and Pluto art is… stewing in me!

What’s in your stew? 

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