The Heart Is A Very Resilient Muscle: Mars In Cancer vs Pluto In Capricorn

"hannah and her sisters"
Hannah And Her Sisters

Cancers tend to have a collapsing energy: they just want to go home 🙂 And I’ve got to get all my Cancer blog posts in before things change too much and the summer of 2011 is gone forever. Who do we have left to transit the Sign of the Crab? Mars. Mars the Driver, Mars the Warrior, Mars the Man! Mars who will oppose Pluto and fight to the death. What will you win? What will you lose?

But here’s what I was thinking while on the subway today: I’m a strong believer in feeling the feelings, whatever they are, whatever comes up. Not that you should sit crying at the office, in front of your Dell (not that I haven’t been there). And not saying it’s easy or that I always remember how important it is to sit in the shit (or the joy) and then move on.

If you can sincerely, deeply, allow yourself to enter into whatever is going on in your body, understand there’s a purpose to it, no matter how ugly it is… then you can be done with that portion of it. Until the next round 🙂 until it changes shape and returns for review.

Could be days, could be hours. Hard to say how long it takes for a mood, for a group of moods to pass. Think of these moods moving through the water. Are they sharks? Dolphins? Ships? Mars in Cancer is strong water, brave water. And Pluto does the cleansing, the clearing. How does one find balance in this energy? Is it possible?

Think of Mars vs Pluto this summer as a cosmic broom. Do I sound Pollyanna? Awfully so, I admit it. But Mars in Cancer demands a domestic metaphor and Pluto in Capricorn? Even that phrase feels enormous to me, like a whale. Find transiting Pluto in your natal chart right now. That’s where you’ll see his handiwork. Narrow it down like that, or begin to. This axis, this t-square, this grand cross, don’t you see it? Don’t you see your body splayed out upon it, limb by limb? Unhook yourself.

A story: when I’m freaking out or way too gloomy and someone tells me to breathe? I usually want to punch them. But they’re usually right.

Recently, in the middle of one of these gloomy moods, a kind Sagittarius gave me a call. What he said was alarming to me, but it did sink in and I felt rescued.Rescued at sea! See? The buried treasure? Mars in Cancer brings you the deep.

My point here is that… sometimes things don’t ring true. You have to turn them over on their belly and get another look, perspective, for the truth to ring out, for you to hear it ring. It can take time.

And, believe it or not, I’m gonna bring all this back to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo because the heart, the home, may not be what it appears to be for the moment but hold on to your perceptions, to your mind (Virgo). Write it all down if you have to. Sit with yourself, with your shit and with your joy.

In the movie Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody Allen says to Dianne Wiest that the heart is a very resilient muscle. Do you agree?

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