The Goddess Has Many Faces: Venus Enters Gemini!

"venus sextile jupiter" Venus enters Gemini tomorrow.

I love this because it brings us double goddess double blessing.
Gemini = the twins and Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger.

You know, in Hebrew the word for messenger is also the word for angel so think about that,
about messages and messengers and what you want to give and receive while Venus is in Gemini.

What an angel is exactly is an old old topic with many opinions but did you know some (Jewish sages) believe an angel has only one task, completes it and is gone. They are ephemeral: angels without names.

But, again, the topic of angels is a complex “book” with many writers.

Know this: Venus in Gemini brings you extra, a double portion of everything Venus in that part of your chart.

Bonus points: she will make a sextile, a harmonious aspect, to Jupiter in Leo, and I think at that time we get a glimpse of this summer’s Venus Jupiter conjunction (when Venus goes retrograde!).

Let’s welcome Venus into Gemini tomorrow with something special , written or spoken, an invocation to the goddess.

The Goddess has many faces. Which one do you wear?


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