The Goat Goddess: Venus Enters Capricorn

Sunday evening in the Big City.

I had to leave the house just now… to buy chocolate. It’s like that sometimes 🙂

Today in the comments, one of my readers said I’m reminding her of a late night talk radio host, which I take as a compliment 🙂

I’ve thought off and on about doing a Blog Talk Radio Show but I don’t know what I’d talk about. Astrology? Eh. There seem to be zillions of these shows. They’re kind of lonely. What would make mine different or special or worth doing? Hmm… 


Venus enters Capricorn this week. Venus in Capricorn gets a baaaad rap sometimes. Calculating. Cold. Gold digging.

I guess the ” hot in the sack” part is the higher vibration 😉  Passionate earthy lovers who will take care of you, whether or not they married you for your money. Reliable, dependable, faithful. Not so bad, right?

I have sympathy for Venus in Capricorn because Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) rules my 5th House, the house of fun and games and romance. “My 5th House of ‘Do Me Baby’” is what I called it the other day 🙂

But with Saturn ruling this house, fun is hard to find. It takes effort to find. Finding it becomes a calculated mission! We shall do this and it shall be fun! Or else! says Saturn. Saturn tends to expect the worst.

Venus and Saturn together in the same bed, in the same body = less carefree and more careful than Venus’ other costumes.  Love is work! Love is responsibility! Love (Venus) hurts (Saturn). Lovelessness will make you wise so you can give your good spinster advice to all the other spinsters in training.

I couldn’t possibly let you know that I like you because I know what happens when I do that… is the Venus Saturn thought-cloud. Fearful of rejection. Ouch ouch ouch.

After all, Venus is the goddess of beauty, not the goddess of… Dow Jones. Or the goddess of fear but she becomes the goddess of fear when she’s getting screwed (or squared) by Saturn.

My advice for Venus in Capricorn and the rest of Capricorn Season is to notice how you withhold. How you withhold love, you withhold money, you withhold praise or support. Resources. You withhold you. You wait for others to show up instead of believing in yourself, believing that you’re wanted, too.

Maria McKee – Life Is Sweet


Yes, the Mini-Moons are back! New Moon in Capricorn on the way…

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