The Full Moon In Leo Is All About You

"full moon in leo"

In the comments, folks are talking about some realย cool Full Moon In Leo Action! Lots of conjunctions to Suns or Moons or Mars’…

With the Full Moon on my Venus, what *or who* will be illuminated? Will it be love? Will it be money? And considering it’s a 12th House transit for me, will I even be able to tell the difference? Will I be confused? Or, perhaps, Divinely Inspired!

What if the Full Moon is on your Mars? Your desire-nature wakes up. Expect what motivates you EMOTIONALLY to show up.

What if the Full Moon squares your Neptune? Give or get a Tarot Reading. Sensitivities are heightened! Maybe too heightened. Do a grounding ritual before you begin.

And if the Full Moon aspects your Mercury? You may say That One Thing you’ve been holding back, that one thing that needs to be said. Hmm….

Full Moons, in general, are emotional times. Full Moons in LEO? Theatrical. Dramatic. Melodramatic. And it’s all about you and how you feel.

How do you feel this Full Moon Eve?ย 


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