The Full Moon Eclipse, Uranus Direct, And The Gospel Of Better

"uranus stations direct"
full moon lunar eclipse in gemini!

Prepare for the ride as Uranus stations direct. Oh. Wait. You can’t prepare for Uranus.

One thing you can do is pull up your meditation techniques! You have those, right? And ways to clear your energy, right? Sweep your body from head to toe. Sweep it. Use your imaginative forces as Edgar Cayce says.

I’ll tell you how I eased my monkey mind this week, my wack monkey mind going round and round and round…

The Full Moon in Gemini squares my natal Moon in Virgo and it also does for a client I read for yesterday morning but think it means different things for her than for me but a Moon square is a challenge to emotional stability, a challenge to the home, the core foundation. Remember the leaky faucet I was writing about the other day…

But remember: Sun in Sagittarius: keep the faith; don’t torch the faith. Mars in Virgo: it’s productive to fuss over the details. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: it’s okay to be mostly confused.

The time for defeat is not now.

I think it’s funny (not funny, but you know what I mean) when people say I give them hope because I spent so much of my life, since childhood, feeling hopeless. I was one of those people who would say “I have no bootstraps!” when others would tell me to “pull myself up by them.”

I have a lot of cardinal in my chart, yes, but even you fixed signs, even YOU fixed signs can slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly… ya know… find your peace.

Not perfect but better.

Thing is you have to find YOUR way and I tend to believe the Nodal Axis is one of the keys, along with Saturn and Uranus: Saturn building and Uranus breaking… your life.

Imagine that: breaking your life could be a good thing.

I feel like we’re on the ledge, the edge, the precipice, the Eve of something… important and new and… you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. And that’s kinda cool and kinda scary and kinda alright and kinda… hey. Can you feel that? I felt it. Just now.

But back to the meditation stuff: this week I really did keep returning to my breath. Every time thoughts came up that I didn’t want to entertain because they got me nowhere — I said to myself “thinking” each time a thought arose. Tried not to attach, tried not to push away hard — And I returned my attention to my outbreath and I did this pretty much for two day straight and life changed and the situations that were disturbing me got better in the meantime and I credit Pema Chodron among others with teaching people how to do this–

The Buddhists are fucking livesavers and I don’t mean that roll of round shiny candy.

I’ll leave you with this thought for the evening: all the folks who read here, the ones who comment, the ones who write to me for readings. Thank you for trusting me with your stuff.

The New Year is right around the corner and it’s like… tomorrow is the beginning of your New Life. Tomorrow.

So when the morning comes… be humble (for Mars in Virgo). Lively! (for the Sun in Sagittarius). Steady (for Venus in Capricorn). Curious (for the Moon in Gemini). Be really REALLY curious.

And let us know how you’re doing 🙂

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