The Fulfillment Of Unfullfillment: Neptune In The 7th House

Got *really* inspired by a client this morning.

Inspired to talk about NEPTUNE.

Because what she was saying was SO CLEAR to me and Neptune is NOT clear.

She’s got a Pisces Moon and Neptune in her natal 7th and a VERY Venusian chart.

“But it’s not fulfilling,” she cried! (Referring to a love situation but the tentacles of Neptune extend outwards.)

NO. IT’S NOT, I said. Neptune is NEVER fulfilling. Neptune, by its nature is LONGING for what you do not have. Of course it’s NOT fulfilling. You know what fulfills us? (Has the chance to fulfill us – if we give it a chance.) SATURN. Saturn IS. 

And I could say the same thing in a bunch of different ways, but I think that there, above, is plenty. I hope she finds her way. I hope (NEPTUNE!) she takes the gift of inspiration (which she’s got in spades) and obsession (also got that in spades) and turns it toward what she can actually DO and wants to do: WRITE AND LIVE AND LIVE AND WRITE.

Good luck, Miss X! Take those 6th House transits and FIX YOUR LIFE. It’s right there, where it always was, waiting for you.

Love, MP


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