The F**k Chakra (Mars Opposition Mars)

I can never remember the names of the different chakras, no matter how many times I read about them. Or experience them. Early in my relationship, I was trying to express… some feelings to my boyfriend. Express that I felt him in my heart chakra and in my… but I wasn’t sure. Was it the root? The naval?

So I decided that it was the F**k Chakra. And not to be rude or disrespectful. I mean, I believe this stuff and I don’t believe that f**k is a bad word, even though it is, and even though I am asterisking it here.

What I was trying to convey to him was the connection, where it was located in my body, and that the feeling was strong, very strong, and spiritual. There was a cord between us. And, well, as above, so below. 😉

The astrology? I could blame it on any number of things, most having to do with our Mars’ in opposition.

My question for you: where do you feel love? 

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