The First House: Meditation On The Body

I love my body.

What? Did I just think that? Did I just say that?

Yes. I did.

That I love my body not as an object of beauty, oh no not an object, not beauty, not even pleasure, but function. What a body can DO.

And oh yes I have cursed my body, during illness scares, mysterious symptoms, anxiety or pain, periods. The aging process.

My Moon is in Virgo and the 1st House (where my Moon is, conjunct Pluto) rules the physical body itself.

The care and health of the body is associated with the 6th House.

“Body rhythms” are ruled by the Moon. “Subconscious workings” of the body and “regeneration” of the body: ruled by Pluto (from Rex Bills’ Rulership Book).

I’ve been talking about how I joined the gym again but it was giving me more complex body feelings. Nothing resembling gentleness or love although I enjoy the exercise itself.

Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo: repulsed (Pluto) by the body (Moon).

And then last week I bought a few exercise and yoga dvds for when I can’t make it to the gym and this morning I did an extra long work out as I discovered these routines and… I did some yoga last and some yoga this morning and…

Went to take my shower, far too long after exercising 🙂 and thought to myself, I actually THOUGHT those words. I love my body.

I must have cleared something, released something, in those poses, those stretches, that has been waiting to be cleared and released, and honestly I’m surprised. After all this time.

This may not seem extraordinary to you. Acceptance of what is there. Is that even possible?

Acceptance of what is there despite (because of?) the so-called flaws and confusions and memories. Nothing is perfect.

Moon conjunct Pluto in the 1st House guarantees an intense relationship with the body, an intense discovery of the body, an intense death of the body.

And, yes, a rebirth.

How do you feel about your body? 


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