The Fall of Classic Rock: Jupiter Trine Pluto (again)

"jupiter trine pluto"And by “fall” I mean “season.”

I’m listening to a lot of rock and roll on my Spotify stations. And just now heard what sounded like a choir on the wind, on the air, coming in through the open window, possibly from the school next door, which made me think of the Rolling Stones, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, which then presented to me a choice. Listen to Let it Bleed? Just that track? Rolling Stones station?

I’m sick today. Head over heels sick. This is the way my body works: last week I had a day where I felt “under the weather.” I took that day off and then proceeded to get back to work the following day, back to life, and exercise and I felt okay enough but still something was off and a couple days ago my throat was sore and…

Long story short, I cancelled my clients today because this thing is HERE and I will do it right this time, lots of sleep, rest, tea.

I call this my fall of classic rock because I think this music will take me through the days, the months, the hours, the minutes, the weeks of my beloved season. The neighborhood feels quieter, less menacing. The coffee tastes better, sweeter without sugar. It’s October. Halloween is coming. The dead are here.

"venus square saturn"The exact Jupiter Pluto trine which I’ve been writing about has brought my magick back to me — unless something else did so I’m not entirely sure — but as I wrote in the previous post, something’s changed. Maybe it was that last Aries Eclipse. Or Venus entering Virgo later today. Venus FINALLY and Mars out of my 12th House. But something has changed. An inside job that separates the past 6 months (or more) from three days ago.

Jupiter rules teachers, preachers. Pluto rules the dead. I can’t stop talking about it. What really clicked into place? Maybe just time, post-trauma. Stitches dissolved. A heart that has been broken will be stronger when it mends (Tom Waits). I realize that now as I type. Despite whatever else, it was a broken heart I was suffering from. A broken heart can’t pump blood, life, as it should, and it’s good to have a heart that CAN break.

Jupiter trine Pluto: your rebirth transit. You, back from the dead. And as I wrote on Facebook, this is also a good shit transit. Pluto ruling elimination and Jupiter in Virgo HEALTHY.

You can find lost pieces of yourself — or others — under this transit if you look, if you pay attention. But you have to look. You have to pay attention to how you feel and what you see.

The Witches’ New Year is coming. The dead are with us all the time but now they are rejoicing, laughing and singing and dancing, louder than usual. I know why this is — in my own life. You’ve got your own story. I recommend you join them, sing and laugh and dance with them. Because come November it will go soft again, quieter, and at times they will be harder to access, not gone from you but busy with the fallen leaves and then the holiday lights.

So weird. Part of me wants to cry SO BAD today but I don’t have the energy (from being sick). Although it’s more than that. What’s happening now isn’t sad.

Let me try to explain. There is something happening in my life and — the old story, the old paradigm, the old responses of sadness or defeat… they don’t fit anymore. I keep trying to make them fit, but they do not fit. This is new. Something ELSE is going on. Took a few days, a couple weeks, for me to figure this out, but it’s true.

What are you noticing? 


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