The Devil, Your Bluebird

I’m obsessed 🙂 with the Devil card lately and this morning I realized that my new favorite song (not a new song) has the Devil in it! Listen to Hope Sandoval here to hear what I’m talking about.

And you know what? I rarely read the lyrics to songs. I just get phrases here and there and I feel the music. I have no idea what this song is “about.” I don’t need to know.

On the message board I asked the gals (and our one guy) what they think about the Devil which I saw twice in one week and then someone pulled him for me (all in regards to the same situation).

I decided to read the lyrics to the song, posted on YouTube and I got another clue.

What is the Devil? Desire, says my friend Lupa (in one conversation we had).

Other meanings floating around: obsession, addiction, attachment, bondage, materialism. Saturn-ruled card thus limitation, fear. Duty. And I noticed this morning that the Devil (15) adds up to The Lovers (6) and yet it’s later in the Major Arcana and thus… a progression. An unwelcome pit stop? The triumph of flesh over spirit? I am trying to find THE meaning that will resonate for me and so far the Saturnian piece makes the most sense but also the sense of feeling bound to a situation.

And yet the people are choosing the situation. The people are finding it hard to let go of the situation. And maybe they don’t want to let go. And maybe they should not let go. They have to do THIS PART too. That they go backwards. From the Devil to the Lovers. From the ass to the… Never mind.


Now if the Devil is a bluebird (just riffing on that Sandoval song) that means it (they) can be free. They choose not to be free. They choose to enter into bondage.

I want to pull a card right here, right now, totally personal, asking what the hell is this Devil card trying to tell me. 7 of Wands 🙂

No irony that when I first consulted a Reader about the situation, this was the first card that came up. EVER. Here it is again. Folks, when the Tarot is talking this clearly to you, what do you do? Hide? 😉

How I read this card (actually how I read these two cards) is… you BETTER be committed to whatever it is that’s got your bedeviled, chained. Because the chains will tighten. Because you’ve got your work cut out for you. You will win but you will fight to win. So make sure you want, make sure you love, make sure you must have, what it is.

The Devil is the process and the result. For now.


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