The Devil Tarot Card (Part Two)

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My new revelation:

That the Devil card is a marriage card. The bondage of marriage. This is what I discovered today.

People often use keyword “bondage” when they see the Devil. Bondage to something… unholy. Maybe something got perverted. From the Lovers to the Devil, and I don’t mean anything terrible by that just a little fall from grace. Too much attachment to… the physical which can even mean worry about how you look, your dress size, your dick size instead of worrying, focusing on, how to be the best partner/lover you can be, from the inside.

I was watching The Walking Dead and a scene between Rick and Hershel and Rick puts his hand on the fence between them and he’s talking about how he hallucinates, sees his dead wife, and his gold wedding band is clear as day in the sun. I had my aha moment. Not that he would. Not that he should. But could he take off that ring.

ALWAYS people say this about the Devil card: those two figures could easily remove the chains from their necks.

I think we see the Devil when there’s a connection between us and someone/something and we don’t know what it is or what it’s for and we’re obsessed by not-knowing, not having the answer. And you don’t want to be free but still there’s the implication of something needing to be set right.

What cards do you keep seeing? 

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