The Death And Rebirth Of Love And Money: Venus In Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
new moon in scorpio 2011

What are you seeing back from the dead in your life? Look for the Scorpio house in your chart. Venus and Mercury are transiting there now.  Venus loves. Mercury talks. What are you talking about these days?

And what are you seeing back from the dead? Maybe you didn’t want it to die. Maybe you did. Doesn’t matter. It’s back.

Isabel Hickey has this great list in her great book “Astrology, A Cosmic Science.” She writes that some of the positive expressions of Pluto include: heaven (instead of hell), wisdom (instead of struggle), rebirth(instead of annihilation), free flowingness (instead of intensity). The list goes on. Can you think of Pluto and Scorpio this way? Or is it too hard?

Once you find your Scorpio house, it still may be hard to detect a zombie from a non-zombie, hard to pin down what’s come back from the dead versus what you normally consider life… but you must put on your detective googles for Scorpio Season. Commit to the deep dig and go under.

Are you seeing ghosts? 

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