The Damned: Mars Square Saturn

“A concept of condemnation by God.” That’s what wikipedia said when I looked up the word “damned.” And if you have been feeling an ungodly sense of frustration this weekend, this could be why.

I keep forgetting we are under this energy but oh yes I have been feeling it.

Have you?

The Mars Saturn square is exact tomorrow in the Big City in the morning so consider this… maybe not a night to remember, but a night to get a good night’s sleep 😉

Mars is your drive, physical, aggression, and war. Mars ATTACKS. Mars in Leo needs an audience 😉

Now, Saturn, on a good day, is PATIENCE. The mountain goat who does not go higher until he feels stable and solid thus Saturn STOPS Mars during a square. Mars does not like being stopped. Saturn does not like being pushed. So they fight. Saturn in Scorpio has ZERO patience for bouncy Mars in Leo.

But imagine, for a moment, these heavenly bodies in good aspect. Saturn breaks are sometimes needed. Because sometimes we go (Mars) too far.

Imagine yourself turning that square (frustration, striving, angst) into a trine (peace like a river). What does a Mars Saturn trine feel like? Well, I have the sextile in my natal. Drive + discipline and traffic is light on the highway so we can go go go but there’s no crankiness, no flat tires, no road rage. We just keep going.


In other news, Mercury enters Libra tomorrow and Venus enters Scorpio the following day. Sign changes are always significant for the collective but especially in terms of your chart so I’m reminding you to find your Libra house and your Scorpio house. New tenants are coming!

I’m NOT crazy about anything entering Libra these days because it riles up the not-so-sleeping beast, the Uranus Pluto square, as well as squaring Jupiter in Cancer which leads to excess tears, defensiveness, and now with Mercury in Libra? Too much standing on one foot followed by too much standing on the other foot. Communication problems. Many languages and no interpreters. What will give us a sense of stability or understanding?

I know this will sound counterintuitive but I’m going to go for it. Consider Venus entering Scorpio to be your root. To be your cock. (Ha!) Because Venus will conjoin not only Saturn but also the North Node. Your destiny. Your discipline. Your patience. The root of your love. The root of your money. Your worth, your self-worth, what you value, and the necessary karma burning so you can move forward. How do you burn off more karma? By penetration. No more lies. Only truth. And this doesn’t have to involve anyone else by you. Your truth. Your Venus. What YOU value. This is damn hard. Harder than it seems.

Are you honoring it? Are you honoring your Venus? 

Love, MP


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