Venus Problem #826: The Catch-Me-If-You-Can-Man (or Woman)

"mercury retrograde"There’s a certain type of potential partner who gives you… “just enough” to keep you interested. Or semi-interested. The rest is your imagination. You.

It’s not that they are lying. And they believe what they are saying. But men (and some women) are their ACTIONS.

Their actions are broken. Or their actions are whole.

Now, I speak from experience and I speak from talking and emailing with clients.

It’s painful. And I feel for them. And I often tell them to wait. Not to push. Not to try to control. To wait. Don’t force action or reaction. Because the truth of the situation always comes out. In fact… the truth comes out, usually, RIGHT AWAY but you don’t want to see it because you are too busy making shit up 😉

Does this sound like you? 

This could be Venus in the 12th House, sure. Or Venus square Neptune. Maybe Venus in Pisces. Or Neptune in the 7th House or Pisces on the descendent. I have 3 of these in my natal chart and another one by transit!

It’s not that you love LOVE. It’s that you are a creator and you fall in love with your creation, not the real man, not the real woman. The real man, or real woman, is keeping him/herself hidden anyway.

What to do? Turn your eyes and heart away from Mr or Miss Not-A-Catch and repeat after me:

I am a creator! I shall create not someONE but someTHING!

And then get to work! There is much work to be done!

In one word? ART. No apologies.

Because all that desire and longing for the Beloved (that you have created) is INSPIRATION.

Mercury is retrograde. Mercury is the breath. Breathe new life and compassion into your three-of-swords heart. Today.

Love, MP

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