The Big Scream: Full Moon Eclipse In Sagittarius

You know that feeling of… just wanting to SCREAM?

Because everyone around you is truly truly truly truly NUTS. You are the sane one (yes, you) and maybe you aren’t alone in your sanity but once again you have found yourself in a situation you’ve stayed in for too damn long.

Maybe it’s an abusive spouse. Or a crazy roommate. Or a job you can no longer justify showing up for. You’d rather be homeless at this point. It’s gotten that bad.

Well, my friends, welcome to the Uranus Pluto square EXACT (again, tomorrow).

And welcome to the Sun entering Gemini, also tomorrow, and this is a GOOD THING (in part because Gemini can outwit Taurus see we need this energy to MOVE)–

But the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 25th opposes Gemini and there’s going to be so much information coming you way, overwhelming, VISIONARY information, prophecy and false prophesy. Who will you trust? There will be a tsquare: Gemini and Sagittarius squaring Neptune and Chiron in Pisces… which leaves VIRGO discernment and decision making under stress but needed more than ever.

Keep calm, my little fire walkers. Keep calm, my candy apples. Keep calm because the changes coming are GOOD WORTHWHILE NEEDED FATED even though now your hand is being forced i.e. YOU TOOK TOO DAMN LONG. No guilt though, okay? It’s where you were at the time You did your best.

All is not lost.

Let out a big scream, when you can. Sagittarius is big. Jupiter is big. A Full Moon Eclipse in this sign is, you guessed it! super SUPER big and WHAT DO YOU NEED TO LET GO?

I just did a One Card draw from the Osho for someone and told her this in closing (she was wondering whether to press her luck or wait):

I would say NO based on this card. Get your energy/emotions out AWAY from the situation. Let the sitch stabilize on its own. It will. It will come back into balance. Often when we act on FIRE impulse, we regret it. It feels so juicy and right in the moment but we regret it. There is no harm in waiting. It’s just harder to do. 

So really it’s both. The Big Scream is coming to your life but be Virgo about it, practical. There will be a right moment. Not yet, but soon. And you know what? When you feel you are getting closer to the Big Scream? Or you feel it inside you? This is the opposite of sedation, opposite of despair. Change is around the corner.

Love, MP


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