THE BIG PLUTO (& Walking Through Walls)

Yesterday I was sick.

Today I’m feeling good – except for a little frazzle dazzle due to workmen in the apartment and disruption of routine (hello Sun in Aquarius in my 6th House!) – and yesterday, from my wee sick bed, I was listening to old Art Bell shows on YouTube and this witchcraft practitioner/expert was talking about Native culture and shape shifting and OH YES she said — it is true and it definitely happens.

Also the idea that you can send a familiar to someone. Yourself or representation of yourself in animal form — to someone. For good or…  not so good. Hmm!

All this made me think of the awesome Jupiter Pluto opposition that is active NOW (although not exact, it is quite close) and what Jupiter and Pluto in combination means for you, and for me.

Oppositions are “out of balance” —  they are arguments, conflict. They are heated discussions or fistfights between the 1st House ME and the 7th House WE.

We tend to favor one side. We tend to DO one side. Until we learn to compromise and cooperate and combine (like the Temperance card in Tarot) and blend, mix, mixology. A little of this, a little of that. Not suppressing either side. Not going apeshit either side. Moderation. Middle way. Medium.  But oof this is intense!

Remember that Jupiter expands what it touches! So I think whatever side you err on… whether it is too much Jupiter or too much Pluto… that Jupiter will be making your Pluto (your embarrassing icky ugly yucky shadow side) BIG BIGGER BIGGEST no matter what (and we all gonna see it!!)

Jupiter at best shows you the best in YOU, believes in you. Healthy ego. Opportunity and luck! Always a silvery lining. But at worst is an opportunist. On a bad day, Jupiter promises (exaggerates, inflates) and doesn’t deliver.  Jupiter forgets that intentions and follow-through are NOT THE SAME.

And Pluto? Pluto is a brute, a boot in the face (paraphrasing Sylvia Plath, a Scorpio).

Jupiter and Pluto together at worst is not only a philosophical “problem”  (Jupiter = your higher philosophy of life, what you BELIEVE) but an ETHICAL problem. Think about it. Think about the WORST of Pluto i.e. VIOLATION, and think about Jupiter making that shit BIG BIGGER BIGGEST.

So be careful. People of the light, be careful. Because there will be people who… won’t be careful and who don’t care. And you will need your Pluto goggles to suss them out. THEY will shape shift. THEY will pretend.

About walking through walls, about sending a familiar, about shape shifting, about doing all of this with good sense, good intention, good judgement, and integrity: all this good magic could potentially be a VERY high manifestation of this transit — Jupiter enlarging your ability to create and make ch-ch-changes for the better — to make YOUR LIFE better.  Not to hurt anyone. But one of the dangers is… cutting corners, being sloppy, not paying attention to the details. Or allowing your ego to swallow you up like Jonah and the Whale. 

Do I call this a spell casting transit? YES, I do! Do I think your abilities, powers will increase? Probably, without much effort on your part. I think the majority of this transit is a gift. Which is why there must be a warning. Does this make sense?

It will be interesting to watch you balance these energies, and I suggest you do! See, Jupiter wants more more more and Pluto ALSO wants more more more. Ambition PLUS bounty abundance, but remember that oppositions are a slippy slidey see-saw — so to get the best effect you need both.

This transit feels like the jaws of life to me. Taking a huge bite. And the fact that it’s Cancer and Capricorn? The Cancerian appetite is immense, possibly insatiable, and the Capricorn acumen is SHREWD and more than a little devilish. The Golden Dawn assigned Capricorn to the Devil card in the Tarot!

See how I’m going back and forth? That’s the opposition in action! 

My advice: MAKE YOUR PLUTO CONSCIOUS. TODAY. Do not delay. KNOW where and when you are starting dramas or manipulating or button pushing or not owning your shadow-side and projecting onto others or drawing people out to get them emotionally indebted to you.

And with Jupiter… KNOW what you want, what you believe HONESTLY. Yes, HONESTLY. Jupiter is all about the truth but ALSO Jupiter is a storyteller 😉

This post is awfully rambling 🙂 but basically what I’m trying to say is… more than usual you have wicked ball(s) of energy at your disposal with this transit. Dare I say it: this is a transit of ASCENSION. You can go HIGH HIGHER HIGHEST under these forces. Shape shift, time travel, die and resurrect.

And I’m not your mother but I still want you to stay on the side of the LIGHT. With Jupiter opposing Pluto, YOUR DARK may very well be exposed TO ALL (as I wrote at the beginning of this post) so take good care to be GOOD BETTER BEST. More healing. More light. More letting go. Less obsession. Less compulsion. Less revenge. MORE LIGHT MORE LIGHT.

And in terms of blending these two energies? What does it look like? It’s a person who is AWARE of their power. Totally aware. And doesn’t misuse, doesn’t abuse, but uses their power for good. See the houses in your chart, and the aspects, for more detail. This is CREATIVITY for you.

This aspect is exact the last week of January and early February — and then again is EXACT in April (due to direct/retrograde cycles) but even when not exact, the orb is still tight all these months. By May the two are separating.

Are you getting a sense of this? January (now), February, March, and April are your hot spots and by May they are growing apart.

Are you ready?

Love, MP


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