THE BIG FEEL: Sun In Cancer/Full Moon In Capricorn Weekend

Was just telling the folks in my chat room that I didn’t know what to blog about. When in doubt, ask the Tarot!

Biggest news is Sun now in Cancer and the Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday.

What can you expect this weekend? 

What a WEIRD group of cards, my friends.

Two strong women and in between? The card of burden, the 10 of Wands. On the left is the Empress. On the right, the 9 of Pentacles. Cancer/Moon/Women. Get it?

10 of Pentacles feels like Saturn (Capricorn) to me. Feeling burdened, overwhelmed. Too much work. Your arms are tired.

The women are on either side of the male figure, holding him up, comforting him. That’s your job this weekend. You are being asked to… rise above your Cancer comfort zone (napping, ice cream) and comfort someone else – truly. Not just phoning it in, but genuine. You have the strength to do this. You have the resources.

Maybe you are the one in need. Sun enters Cancer and women start showing up for you. Or the opposite. I hope, in your case, that the leavings are a blessing and the right ones come in.

And these really aren’t two women here. They are versions of you. The ideal and the real, helping him (or her or you) put down those burdens, one by one. The cosmic healing mother.


Talking a bit about “dependency” in the chat room.

I was mentioning how… I was always anxious (i.e. have a history of it) but have anxiety about medication too. Hate anything that makes me feel drugged! Drugged up or drugged down.

I choose to feel everything, no matter how painful. That I have gone through my… numerous dark nights of the soul *without* that help. I was a smoker though. That was my drug.

Give me the feeling. Let me feel it every which way. I cannot rest until I squeeze every drop from it. To understand it. Moon conjunct Pluto in Virgo.

And then I’m done. And it’s a process. Could take weeks to… come to terms with something. Other times it’s intense — panic, terror. Such is life.

When you go deep into a feeling, it changes. Also…. the body/brain protects you. If you don’t self medicate… your body really will (in my experience) regulate you i.e. you’ll go numb (or “into shock”) instead of feeling it all… if feeling it all is “too much.” Like when someone suddenly dies. I couldn’t process it all in an instant. I was in shock. It took time.

That’s just one example though. And I know this is a trigger topic. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

I don’t judge anyone for their choices (really, I don’t) but if, during Cancer Season, the season of  THE BIG FEEL, we choose to FEEL instead of push it away, push it down, push it back, push others…

What would happen? What if?

Love, MP

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