The Astrology Of Valentine’s Day

"venus square pluto"

The Venus Pluto square gets tight tight tighter for Valentine’s Day and Mercury and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces. The Sun is in late Aquarius and the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius.

If all seems lost at first, take heart, but take it gently. Don’t eat it or drive a stake through it despite the Venus Pluto square.


Sun trine Saturn isn’t exactly a romantic aspect BUT Saturn is in Libra, and retrograde SO… what relationship-work do you still need to do? Makes sense to me that many of us feel unsettled at this time. Does she love me or love me not? What will make it right again? Is there hope? 

With Mercury conjunct Neptune there is hope. With Venus square Pluto there is passion and, well, leather 😉

But seriously, folks – it’s an intense sky. Make use of it. How? Let’s break it apart a little more: Venus is in Aries: don’t be afraid to express your love. The square to Pluto says: you don’t have to express it at full volume. Turn it down a bit.

The Mercury Neptune aspect says: if you don’t have a love, dream of the love you want. Sun trine Saturn says: you may not get what you want right now but don’t do nothing. Don’t just dream it. Mind is the builder, said Edgar Cayce.

Overall I’m getting: don’t give up, and with the Moon moving from dark (Scorpio) to light (Sagittarius), chances are that you too can do the same.


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