The Astrology of Stretchmarks

"Venus square Saturn"
Picasso: Woman In Front Of A Mirror

I will never have perfect skin. It’s genetic, similar to my family’s tendency towards diabetes, and musical aptitude. When I was young, it was acne. Now? Getting older.

But what I dislike the most are stretchmarks, which showed up when I was a teenager, after having lost 50 lbs. And here they come again, new ones, as I lose weight again. I was almost going to say that my weight fluctuates, but really it stays the same, unless I make an effort.

I admit I feel deformed at times. And maybe that sounds extreme, but people with prominent Pluto or Scorpio in their natal charts often feel self-loathing or repulsion, about the body or not about the body, and Moon and Pluto together is nothing if not extreme (Pluto) feelings (Moon). And yet I know that if I had a lover with similar feelings and similar scars, I would kiss every feeling, every scar.

But then this morning, an odd thing happened. I was looking at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a long dress and lifting it up and noticing my legs, the back of my legs, which walk the city streets and up countless subway steps. Strong legs. And then. And then. Noticing new marks crawling up, and crawling down, the back of my calves.

And then it happened. Out of the blue, I thought to myself: they kind of look like… tree branches, like winter trees. 


It was an odd moment in that it was as simple as that. I have a fixed Venus Saturn square, with Saturn in Taurus, in Earth. I had become a tree.

Stretchmarks tell a story. But what does the story say? It says, Love Me Anyway.

Our charts give us all the tests we need, the ones we’re supposed to have. Do we choose our charts? I don’t believe that for a minute. (So suck it you New Age phonies 😉

Ah, it’s definitely time for another Torah metaphor: when Jacob wrestled with the Angel, he got a new name, Israel, which means to wrestle with God. But you don’t have to call it God. Call it Universe or Spirit, or your Natal Chart, call it John Paul George and Ringo for all I care. Just know that something bigger than you exists.

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