The Astrology Of Small Talk. Sort Of.

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A reader shared something with me so beautiful this morning that I had to share it here. That she was at the start of her day, her daily life, busy with her kids, the sun was rising, it was cool out, she was noticing her world and the day ahead, and she subscribes to the blog and my blog post showed up on her phone and something in it spoke to her, resonated, and she told me this, and it warmed my heart so completely–

I love the idea of my words, my news, my Stars Today, coming to visit! I don’t even know how to explain it yet. But it’s like a piece of me broken off and thrown into all these corners of the world and the medium is something I don’t really understand — this technology we have. I need a less edgy metaphor than “pieces” and “breaking” and I’ll come up with it eventually. I do love stained glass though. Maybe it’s a shard of light from a stained glass window (lol).

I just think it’s fucking cool and fucking beautiful and I’m grateful for my fingers that type and my mind that runs (Mercury conjunct Mars) and when I think about this I think about my mortality — always. Never far from thinking about my mortality.

And it’s not about ego, like “I am so important” — it’s about finding purpose and meaning in daily life. That part of my purpose is to… send you emails, whoever you are 🙂

I do have Saturn in the 9th which broadcasts, but broadcasts seriously, Saturnianly. And I do have Sun Mercury Mars in the 11th which is a “group” house, the collective and these planets are in Cancer so I’m mothering (so people tell me). And my Moon in the 1st which speaks to the public and Pluto is the masses and I have the two conjunct and so on… I’m sure there’s more.

I love talking intimately to people — in their loneliness or in their happiness — and everything in between. That’s the way I small talk.

And I hope it feels like that — I hope it feels like getting a wonderful letter in the mail. And if it doesn’t? Well, that’s what I want to try to do more and more. A reader yesterday mentioned how she liked one of the shorter posts I had written… which reminded me just TO WRITE. Not to worry about length or have I said something important or different or whatever — but just to put the thoughts up.

And the point is, the larger point here is that you can find this for yourself. You can find your meaning, your deep satisfaction, if you look for it, if you want it. As I was writing the other day, I come from a history of hopelessness and fear and deep depression — so my overall message is that there is… more.

Can you find a piece of your life purpose in your chart and are you living it? Do you want to live it? How can you get there? 

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