The Astrology Of Place: One More In Honor of Mercury In Cancer Trine Neptune In Pisces

"The Astrology of Place"
The Astrology of Place

The 4th House is our home, and half of the parental axis. The 3rd is our short trips. The 12th is our cloister, who we are when we’re alone. The 1st is our body. Each house in the wheel is a place.

Where do you find yourself the most? Can you see it in your chart? The astrology of place is the astrology of inside and outside, of sun and moon, of the every day and the dark night of the soul.

Do you live in your mind? Do you live in the world? 

Today, I found myself in a classic New York City diner on the West Side. I ordered my breakfast and a cup of coffee. Half and half please. The diner is the City Life home away from home. My food came. It was delicious. No, no more coffee. I’m fine, thanks. I don’t live near this diner, but they know me. An ex boyfriend and I used to come here once a week at least, cuddle up in a booth. He never wanted to taste my food. Was that a sign? 😉 That relationship has changed to friendship now, but the diner remains the same. Same weekly specials, same dependable food, same big plates.

What is the astrology of being a regular? What is the astrology of a good hot cup of coffee? What is the astrology of the counter, the waiter who remembers you, the little mints by the register, the clean, empty bathroom?

I wonder if I should give this to the 11th House, impersonally personal. Meeting place. Groups. Friendship. Not so intimate.

We come here to eat, to stop, to cool off, to sit down, to feel the community around us, safely. It’s different than the chaos of the subway. It’s where we can rest.

What about you? Where’s your home away from home?

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