The Astrology of Obsessive Listening

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Mike Scott of The Waterboys

I was talking to a friend the other day who was wondering if she was the only one who obsessively listened to songs over and over and what it meant.

Well, I definitely do this too and I give it to Pluto: obsession! This gal knows her astrology so I am just going to assume that she agrees with me πŸ™‚

Why do I listen obsessively? Because I want to put the emotion (Moon) of the song (however it makes me feel) on repeat (obsession). I want to sink in. Wallow. Yin it up! I want to roll around in it. And purge.

Recently I was traveling to Penn Station from deep in the heart of Brooklyn, easily a 40 minute ride if you include the time it takes to saunter up to solid ground. I listened to the same song, a Waterboys song, over and over. I was writing an emotional email at the same time and the feeling of the purge was… full of pleasure. And yet “pleasure” isn’t quite accurate so I want to borrow a word that I remember from French feminist, Luce Irigaray: jouissance.

Now I know my pal is having a Pluto transit to her Moon and I feel for her. Natally, she has the square so having the conjunction by transit must feel like a hammer to the head and to the heart: change change change death death death. And it’s happening in angular houses for her, and guess which house comprises a chunk of the empty leg of her t-square? The 7th House. The other. The partner. That Which Is Not You. The one who can help if only you’d allow your Capricorn Moon to call out for help.

Pluto energy, according to Isabel Hickey, is underground and invisible. We don’t feel the affects of a Pluto transit right away butΒ Pluto is the Great Purger. Taking away and replacing, taking away and replacing, like bottles on the shelf. Break one? Sweep it up. Replace.

I know, nothing is that simple, I know. But it’s my nature to try to soothe πŸ™‚ Pluto through her 1st House, squatting on her Moon, is going to cleanse. Cleanse what? The self.

But, Hickey says, Pluto is dual, ambivalent. We have the dark and we have the light. We have the death and we have the rebirth. We just don’t always know… what or who will be (re)born.

Capricorn Moon is a serious Moon. I don’t doubt this girl is up for the challenge. I just hope she finds the 7th House support she needs, and love, from all sources.

Are you currently under a Pluto transit? How does it feel? Share your metaphors here πŸ™‚

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