The Astrology of Failure: First House Pluto People, Part Two

"Mercury Opposition Pluto"
Pluto and Proserpina (Bernini)

Have you failed? Have you failed oftenDo you not consider it failure, but change? I have failed over and over in my life, failed to achieve things that I wanted very much. I was trying, I was doing. Maybe I was trying and doing the wrong way. Maybe this, maybe thatSo I often wonder what I can give this to, and these days I give it to Pluto, to Pluto in the First House Syndrome: the unstoppable transformation of the Self. Or feeling like you’ll die if you can’t get it right.

Failure may be another word for protection. Failure may be another word for not meant to be. Is there such a thing as the chart of a failure? Would you know it if you saw it? Do you believe in free-will? I believe in fate. 

Failure is harsh word, but it doesn’t bother me. I am drawn to it. I rather call it what it is. Call it deeply, in its own voice. Sing to it. What did you want? What did you receive instead? How did you leave? What do you want now? What is your life about?

About an hour ago, I wrote a post about Mercury opposition Pluto in today’s sky and I can feel that I’m there, still inside this transit. I have Mercury in Cancer in my natal chart, sextile Pluto (and Moon) and this energy is kicking up for me, kicking me to write about it. What transits do you crawl into? Where do you get stuck inside? 

Mercury and Pluto together go together 🙂 In the myth, Mercury was the only God allowed to enter and exit Pluto-land so put these two in a room, and we’ve got a brotherhood, insight, a shared past of traveling through the dark, to the dark.

Mercury and Pluto in opposition push us to find the point between… the mind and the death of the mind as you know it. In other words, how will your thinking change? How does it need to change? What are you obsessed with? Who are you? Is it not the mind who self-defines? Well? 

It’s a quick transit. Mercury is quick-footed, but you can use it, you can use this time. Be Mercury inCancer. Go inside, inside the shell. Mercury is the mind. Cancer is the womb. Pluto is the birth of the idea.

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