The Astrology of Chutzpah

Chutzpah is a Yiddish word that has comfortably found its place in the American lexicon. Chutzpah means “nerve” as in, “he’s got a lot of chuzpha to do that!” It comes with a sense of disbelief. How could that person be so chutzpadik? Chutzpani! How could they act that way? When you accuse someone of having chutzpah, the emotion behind it is betrayal. How dare they! How could they? Or sometimes it has less emotion and it’s more… disdainful. “Well. That really took a lot of Chutzpah. Tsk tsk tsk.” When you have chutzpah, you get away with something that maybe you shouldn’t.

So what is the astrology of it all? Well, there are two parties involved. The accuser and the accused.  The accuser feels self-righteous. AND like a victim.

And the accused? Well, who cares? They have chutzpah!

The accuser feels slighted so I’m giving this one to Pisces/Neptune, feeling like a victim of circumstance, at the mercy of others.

I’ve got Venus square Neptune in my natal chart so I know this feeling. Venus Neptune people can be romantic and idealist and/or wildly delusional, seeing only what they want to see.  The one with chutzpah is seen as a rule-breaker somehow, but not in a good way, in the way of one who may suffer for it, or who does suffer for it, due to lack of clear seeing, which, like suffering, is also a Neptune problem.

It all feels like an opposition to me. Both sides have a story and balance is needed. And truth.

Note to self: Mentsch tracht, Gott lacht

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