The Astrology of Cat Ladies


The cats have very busy lives: there’s grooming, eating, drinking, napping, stalking, bothering humans, bothering other cats, sitting on papers, jumping to higher ground, chasing string, and more! The cats have very busy lives.

I think about this as I eat my dinner in the chair, our one kitchen chair (long story), without a table, and watch the cats. One sits in the window (screened-in, yes). Another slinks towards the Purina. And yet another… where did she go?

I never meant to become a cat lady. It just kind of… happened. And, as it happens, it pre-dates my love for astrology. Do you think there’s a connection?

Now, some meanies would probably say that… Virgo governs Cat Ladies, but I think anyone could succumb. They are beautiful creatures, smart, subtle, deeply psychic. They know what you’re thinking before you know what you’re thinking. Or maybe that’s just my cat family πŸ™‚

Two of mine, Libras, were born down the hall from me, two apartments ago. It was the holiday of Sukkot. Why my landlord didn’t throw me out right then and there, I’ll never know. Must have been the season πŸ™‚ Because it was messy and smelly and… he was (is, he’s still alive) a very order-conscious Scorpio. By order I mean, yes, everything in its place. A stray Mama cat, orange striped, certainly didn’t fit the order of things that fall. But his wife had fallen in love with her, and one of their grown sons also had, and when it was time to give birth? We let her in.

But back to the astrology: the eccentric cat ladies could be Aquarian. The animal-shelter worker could be Pisces, as long as they have a very tough Moon, at the very least. The “okay, just one more” could be a Cancer, thinking that no one else could mother as well as they could. Leos recognize the cats as family, but get disappointed if they’re standoffish and not lap-cats. Aries? Probably wants a Maine Coon. Or is that Leo? Scorpio favors black cats. And Taurus? Well, the Taureans I know prefer plants to pets although have fond memories of family cats. Β And around the zodiac we go.

What about Virgo you ask? Well, all cat ladies surely must be Honorary Virgos, compassionate, tending to the small things of this world.

Note to self: allow yourself only one cat post per month

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