The Astrology Of Addiction (part 2)

"saturn in pisces"
I love lady gaga

Part 1 to this post was my Saturn in Pisces post this morning and it figures I got this lesson brought home to me today as I clearly saw one of my addictions in action (and I don’t have Saturn in Pisces).

My phone. I am way way way way addicted to my phone. Checking it every five seconds for this, that, or the other thing. Making calls is the least of it. I’m more an email checker, text sender, Tweet from there, etc. I also write blog posts on my phone. Listen to music on my phone at the gym. All my phone numbers in my phone. Pictures, videos. In short, a life.

And it had been slowly having problems for about a week and then today… DEAD. The new phone is in the mail but I really don’t know if I can wait. I may go out and buy a new phone tomorrow morning if I can’t get back on the network after my call to ugh Customer Service. I feel disconnected even though of course I am on-line at home.

A life interrupted by a phone!

But it just goes to show…What does it go to show? Where I am fed. Virtually.

As for the Astrology of Addiction, I do have a lot of Neptune action in my chart, along with a busy Pluto (compulsion/obsession).

On the other claw, this may not be a case of addiction at all but that, truly, my phone is my link to the world.

What are you addicted to it? Or do you not see it that way? 


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