The Astrologer and the Donut

I’ve been on a low/no sugar diet since… early May and everything is better: my blood sugar, my stomach, my moods, and I’ve lost some weight.  And this is not a diet, not temporary, but the way it has to be. Virgo Moon requires health, optimum functioning.

The Moon now is in late Scorpio but I’m telling you I feel the approaching Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius which will square my Moon and Pluto. I feel agitated, emotional. Yes, more agitated and emotional than usual 🙂 So when I walked into the coffee shop to get my coffee, and I saw the chocolate cake donut with the white cream sticking out, I… didn’t think twice.

I walked to work, eating and drinking (very New York), making only a small mess 🙂 And afterwards I enjoyed a good 20 minute sugar-high. Previous to this, my sugar highs, when I ate a steady diet of bread and noodles and rice and Balance Bars and the occasional cookie, were short lived, minutes long. But this? Concentric waves of pleasure up and down my body. My body, my temple, was in chocolate-caked-cream-filled heaven.

What’s the astrology? This Full Moon eclipse will make most of us more emotional, agitated, and for those of us with a Moon getting hit? Make sure to duck. Take care of yourself. If you need a donut, then eat a donut. Eat a BIG FUCKING DONUT. Sagittarius is BIG. Jupiter is BIG. Make no apologies. Just make sure to.. wipe your mouth when you’re done says Virgo Moon 🙂

Note to self: sometimes the poison is the medicine

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