The ALL-TAROT On-Line Course Starts This Monday, November 18th

I’m going to be doing my FIRST All-Tarot course. WE START THIS MONDAY. 

It will be a drop-in format, like my other classes. I don’t lecture at specific times per se, but I post material and folks comment and visit the “chat room” when they are able, and participate as much or as little as they want.

Three-weeks but could go a bit longer, if we need the time. No longer than a month though.

The class will be INFORMATION HEAVY:

card-by-card meanings, spreads (traditional, new, my own, YOUR OWN).

I’ve amassed a little lovely Tarot book collection and I will be sharing words from my fave authors and authorities, as well as sharing my *own* personal meanings for the cards.

THERE WILL BE HOMEWORK (for those who want) and I will encourage you to create your own library of meanings.

Because we will go card-by card, I will be interspersing talk of the elements and Tarot-numerology as we go. Not sure if we’ll have time to go deep into astrological correspondences, but we’ll see.

We will also have designated Q & A times/days so that we can stray from the curriculum and discuss related topics: trusting your intuition, markers of intuition in your natal chart, favorite decks, how to handle your deck, and so on. But then we’ll return to my Virgoan structures! Chop chop!

PLEASE KNOW we will NOT be discussing reversals except the general theory of them. This is also NOT a history of Tarot class. This class is more hands-on, practical, experiential, informational, geared for those who want to be exposed to MORE card meanings and spreads and basically want to immerse themselves in this stuff 🙂

$125 by PayPal. Will run this class even with a small group so please get in touch with me soon. WE BEGIN MONDAY.

You don’t need your own deck to participate but would be helpful of course so you can practice!

Got questions? EMAIL ME or message me on Facebook! 

Love, MP

P.S. Someone just asked if this is a BEGINNER’s class and I’d say YES, especially because we are going card-by-card.

Also forgot to mention another important topic which we MUST and will discuss: asking QUESTIONS of the cards. How-to.