The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Venus Pluto

"venus square pluto"

I am back in care taking mode. I am back to thinking I can fix things (people too?) which is not always the best approach but I prefer it to feeling helpless.

This Venus Pluto square has knocked me on my ass and… OH.

Just realized. Just realized JUST NOW. No wonder. My Chiron is involved. My 8th House is involved. I have been up to my neck in sewer and as I write this I am taking a metaphorical shower, washing some of it off.

Transiting Venus in my 8th House conjunct my natal Chiron squared by transiting Pluto. Love hurts. Intimacy hurts. And that’s putting it sweetly and inaccurately. The sewer metaphor is better. What hurts is when you realize that *you* have acted like an ass. I have so much Virgo and long for perfection that when I realize I’ve behaved badly, I feel ashamed. Why aren’t I perfect yet?

It’s like a storm sometimes. That’s what emotional intensity is often compared to. Emotional Intensity as a THING, a syndrome. The storms come and you lash out instead of… anything else.

And with the 8th House involved there’s going to be a high degree of stink but you know what I’m doing today? I am trying love.  Well, I don’t have to try.  I do love. Trying to pick up the pieces with love. Will not cut self or anyone else.

Did you have a similar yesterday? Or a similar today so far?

I feel like you guys like this kind of writing, it’s the kind of writing (I think) that I started blogging with — honest about the ugly emotional stuff.

But listen — this blog post is not just about me. Take a look at your own chart. Where is transiting Venus? Where is transiting Pluto? Any natal planets involved in the square?

I’m in a Tarot mood today. Gonna draw another card. With the intention that this is an ADVICE card for me and for anyone feeling gross (Pluto) or ashamed (Pluto) under the Venus Pluto square.

Venus rules love. You know this. Venus rules pleasant smells and beauty pageants.

And Pluto? Pluto rules the anus, folks! Pluto rules tarpits and tapeworms and horror (to name just a few things).

Put these two in square and…



Yes, smile. Once again I must mention, the Moon is in Sagittarius. Let that be your light today. No matter how wobbly and lost you feel, there is light.

And this lovey happy Sagittarius Moon is trining the very same natal Chiron of mine getting whipped by Pluto. See? That’s how it works. The hurt and the help.

And this is ironic: I put up a Blue Velvet film still for Venus square Pluto and the Tarot card I pulled for today’s advice was the Knight of Swords and this is what I’m thinking: whatever got turned around or upside down yesterday (or today) by Venus square Pluto… don’t build on that. Detatch from the horror you found or the horror you made. Choose Venus (in Aries) over Pluto. Move fast (Aries) in the direction of love and with Mercury in Pisces? Speak (Mercury) from the soul (Pisces).


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