The 3rd House: The House Of Books

"venus in the 12th house"You can tell what someone loves, what they are committed to, when you see their books. I’m committed to God. In one way or another. In one form or another.

I have my natal Venus in the 12th House which, among other things, is a love (Venus) for the Divine (12th House).

The 12th House is associated with Neptune and Pisces. And if you know a Pisces or someone with Venus in Pisces then you know how they love. Too much at times. It can feel a little embarrassing after a while.

So I was reading and researching and thinking and needed to take a break but not wanting to go outside in the heat so I got up to clean the bathroom and did a little in the kitchen and then started looking through my books which came back from storage a few months ago and I was reminded of how devout I was at one time. Well, I’m still devout. But at that time, I was on a more “traditional” path.

All these books on Chassidus I said to myself, out loud. So many. When I moved, under duress during Saturn in Virgo, I couldn’t bear to part with them although I got rid of others. I can’t remember their faces now.

I have no desire to collect anything. When I was young I had a huge record collection. I’ve had much larger book collections that I do now. And I’m buying books again these days although with technology as it is, I may buy less although I like the feeling of a book in my hands and taking real notes all over the page. I deface and defame with pride ๐Ÿ™‚

I have Neptune in my 3rd House which is Gemini’s natural house. Call it the House of Books. Gemini rules books, writing and most of my books would probably fit into the spirituality, religion, mysticism part of the bookstore. And the poetry section too ๐Ÿ™‚

My father had shelves and shelves of books. A strong childhood memory, all those bookcases and the name William Faulker on a book jacket although I can’t remember what novel it was and another memory: my father sitting on the front lawn, in a lawn chair, reading a big black book and one of my neighborhood friends asking me what he was reading, assuming it was the bible (a big black book), but no, it was Moby Dick.

And that was another thing I found in my storage boxes: the date for his Yartzeit this year. I took out the page (which lists the ย dates until 2030) and I hung it on the wall.

What do your books say about you?ย 

Love, MP

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