The 12th House vs. The 8th House

"8th house"ย I’m a 12th House girl. Not an 8th House girl so I speak from experience and observation.

And I’m starting to feel like George Carlin and his football vs baseball routine:

Said in macho voice: In football you wear a helmet.

Said in sweet voice: In baseball you wear a cap!

Here’s a thought: 12th House people tend to be self-destructive whether they realize it or not. ย 8th House people tend to destroy others. Whether they realize it or not.

Do you think it’s true? Is it bad wisdom? Share your thoughts! I promise I won’t argue even if you want me to ๐Ÿ˜‰

Perhaps it’s that 8th House people have people, energy, coming at them, wanting to hurt them in one way or another, since childhood. Could be parents, could be strangers… Whatever it is, it’s sharp. It hurts. The 8th Is Scorpio’s natural house. Scorpio rules death! And sex. And sex and death together. The 8th House rules sexual abuse. Sexual abuse IS a death.

For the 8th House, the energy between you and others is immense, intense, possibly dangerous. Probably dangerous.

And the 12th House? Ruled by Neptune, awww cosmic consciousness and the sugary side of mysticism. More Christmas than Easter.

8th House? Definitely Easter. Wounds on the wrists. Bleeding. Bleeding. Bleeding.

12th house: more confusion than anything. As my teacher used to say: confusion, illusion, delusion. It’s a soft insidious escapist fantasist energy. Where the 12th House folds up and curls up, the 8th House fights and fights back.

So a person trapped in the prison of the 12th House…ย well one astrologer, years ago, talked to me about my needing to redeem my Venus from there. To get her out.

And yet I don’t think we EVER talk about needing to redeem planets from the 8th. That the 8th is gross and gunky but sexy too. And then there’s that rebirth, reincarnation, transformation thing.

Is the 12th House sexy? To a mystic maybe. Yeah I remember watching the Thorn Birds when I was 14 and I was ALL OVER T HAT. Sexy priest thing.

But still. The 12th House is the fantasy of the handsome sexy priest and the 8th House is the sex-addicted priest who turns criminal.

The energies feel different don’t you think? I think so. The way Pisces and Scorpio feel WAY different. Pisces merges. Scorpio manipulates.

And neither of these are bad words necessarily. ย I dislike being manipulated though. It feels creepy to me because I can feeeeeel it but I can’t figure out what’s going on until I figure out what’s going on.

Another story: I worked for an 8th House Moon guy once upon a time. Moon in Scorpio too. And one morning he called me up bitching bitching bitching bitching bitching me out. Eh, more like reaming. It was relentless, calls, texts. Must have gone on for an hour at least. Early in the morning. And he threatened that he would fire me, accused me of doing a bad job.ย Left so many voicemails. It was at that moment that I decided to leave this job even though I worked for him a little while longer.

And I described this scenario, which felt horrible to me, to my roommate. And she said to me, “I think he likes you.” And her reaction shocked me. I mean, if he likes me, why would he do THAT? I didn’t quite get it.

Point is: he WAS engaging with me. It was twisted, it was dark, but it was INTIMATE. It was really intimate. The stuff he was accusing me of. It was gross. It was 8th House gross. He was real specific, real shaming too as though his intent were to shame.

There’s more to the story AND to his chart (including a 12th House Venus and a drinking problem) but I’ll stop here and turn it over to you guys ๐Ÿ™‚


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