The 11th House Loves The Group (Occupy Wall Street)

full moon in aries 2011
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I decided to head back to Zuccotti Park today to absorb more energy and to try to make sense of it. Like a good Virgo Moon, I did everything on my list before heading out.

Would it feel different on a weekend? How would it feel? Would I see the same folks? The same signs? Would I feel the same? I’m a Cancer Sun, Mercury, Mars, and my Mercury is in mutual reception to my Moon. I’m obsessed with how things feel.

And I was talking to someone today about my experience yesterday. He’s a rabble-rousing protester type. I’m more of an observer, behind the scenes type, and yet talking to him helped me articulate my 11th House Cancer stellium, how it felt in the group, at the protest. The 11th House belongs to Aquarius, the forward thinkers among us, the revolutionaries, and yet Cancer tends towards the traditional. Do you have interesting combination like this? I bet you do 🙂

And as expected, the Saturday energy was more dynamic. Or maybe just… more crowded and a more obvious police presence. I had a little feeling that… things could erupt, break out, at any moment and this made sense to me under the Waxing Moon.

I walked the perimeter of the park. Each side is different. On one side are protesters with signs, facing a major street, Broadway. Another side faces department stores. Some sign holders are there too, but also people sitting, talking, different tables with different kinds of information, shirt making. Tons of people taking pictures, and the police moving folks along so they don’t block the sidewalk.  Another side is where the drummers are and where I saw some kind of ritual with sage burning yesterday.

What I like to do is descend (or ascend, depending on where you are) the few step into the heart of this concrete park. That’s where you really feel it and understand: they are living here. Piles of clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, food served, more tables, more information, a press stand, a library, people just walking through, people trying to keep things clean, and more. Like… a labyrinth, a human garden. And yet it feels organized inside the chaos that isn’t really chaos.

My Virgo Moon should have taken notes. Maybe tomorrow.

How’s your 11th House? 

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