That Your Weaknesses Become Strengths: Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, April 25th

Your flaws, your weaknesses, whatever you consider a problem, neurosis, all your failings, all the ways you feel you didn’t measure up… all the ways you felt/feel rejected and not good enough worthless. It’s all replaying now around this Full Moon Eclipse degree in your chart (5 degrees, almost 6.) Everything you hate about yourself, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Think of Full Moon Eclipses as cosmic laxatives.

So really I’m asking you to keep two things in mind: that you explore, probe, gut, and give a proper burial what is holding you back, what you resist ending. And at the same time, whatever remains, whatever you have to deal with, including health problems, let them take you to a higher level. Lessons you really don’t want, but here they are.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (and Mars) and associated with the 8th House. For me, the sign describes the method needed (Scorpio in this case) to deal with whatever is happening or will happen. You must find the truth. You must. Of whatever it is. Truth truth truth truth. Scorpios do this routinely in conversation and in life and you must. Scour. Cleanse. Rub it raw so that you KNOW.

Whatever you eliminate from your early-degree Scorpio house will LIGHT UP the opposing house. See? That’s how it works. Get clear about what you need to do and the affect is felt right away. It blooms in Taurus.

The Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, sextile Pluto, trine Neptune, opposing Sun and Mars in Taurus.

Moon Saturn feels like hell. Moon Mars (and Sun) is looking for a fight. But Moon Pluto is raw power. And Moon Neptune can see the future.

You know what you need to do, right? 

Love, MP


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