That You Need To Make Art: Advice For Moon Pluto People And Anyone Else

"Moon Pluto"
Cinematic Orchestra

I get obsessed with songs. I spent a year working on my last full-length play, off and on, in the apartment where I live now (a small but important detail). I didn’t work on anything else, wasn’t blogging either. And there was a group of songs that I would write to.

This is on my mind because I was sending one of these songs to a friend and remembering how it felt to work on that piece of writing, what it meant to me, what I hoped for it. And how I don’t know if anything will happen with it. It’s been slow-going, trying to get it read, trying to get it liked. Liked enough. It’s possible that I’ll have a reading of it this summer, but nothing is certain.

The cool thing about theatre, one of the many things I loved was seeing Moon Pluto on the stage. What I mean is that I put my emotional intensity into the mouths of my characters.

A memory I treasure is.. the last time I had a short play produced and it was call-back time and actors were in the lobby of the theatre, reading my lines out loud to themselves, practicing, waiting for their turn. These women wanted this part. It could lead to other things. An agent could be in the audience. Who knows? And little did they know, they would have had a chance to work with a brilliant, brilliant director. And it wasn’t that *I* mattered. It was that I was living my purpose.

A purpose can change though. Or, a purpose can diverge. Or, a purpose can take a long time to come home. Does this make sense?

About Moon Pluto:  if you don’t find a way to let these feelings live somehow, whatever they are, however they are, the world will be a lesser place because of it. The world needs this beauty. No matter how many times it rejects it 🙂 Doesn’t have to be writing. I mean, find out WHAT it is. (And much of this may hold true for Mars Pluto, as well, in challenging aspect, in terms of finding the release.)

I have the Moon Pluto conjunction so I can’t speak personally about the other aspects. I can only observe how others behave. And it doesn’t have to be Moon Pluto, it could be a lot of Scorpio. The thing about having it in the First House though is that you never escape it. It doesn’t play out in a “certain area of your life.” It’s you. And for that, you need help 🙂 Sometimes you don’t know whether to cry or vomit or write a poem. Well, you can do all three. Cry and vomit but definitely write the poem. Make something. Make something outside yourself. Create.

It’s like God. God created something from nothing so this is your chance to really be made in his image. Doesn’t matter if you believe in God to believe that if you don’t create, you will die. A part of you will die to yourself. That’s how it feels to be Moon Pluto. So, make proof. Make proof of it. That you were here.

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