That New Moon In Taurus: Letting Trauma Go

I wrote about the New Moon in Taurus yesterday and then I deleted it.

I didn’t like the blog post. It felt empty.

And then this morning I went for my walk and realized the depth of the New Moon in Taurus for me and perhaps others —

It isn’t just about Empress/Venus type pleasures of the body and planting seeds, although all that is superb.

For me it’s also about the Taurus/Scorpio opposition and healing trauma. Wait. No. It’s about acknowledging trauma. Healing is a forever practice. We get better yes but I don’t think we’re ever done-done. We go past it like a car in the rain at night.

You know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of the line of thought that.. if you spend time in your pain that you are giving the ones who hurt you too much power and that they won.

They have won nothing. You’re alive. You’re reading this. Not dead. Not in jail. YOU WON. Your breath. Touch your breath. Breath is extra significant to me – because one of my traumas is due to someone who put me in a chokehold (Christmas Eve 2014) and I couldn’t breathe. Breath is holy. The Jewish creation story is that God breathed into man/woman. Having someone try to kill you is a life changer for sure (I laugh out loud as I type this because it’s so extreme and I never thought it would be my life and yet it was for a brief time.)

So now what? Now that you’ve survived whatever you’ve survived.

THAT is the Taurus/Scorpio axis to me – to half-quote Adrienne Rich – diving into the wreck and diving UP and OUT.

Freedom. Life.

I was walking though a simply beautiful part of my new town. New old town, that is. Took my breath away. In a good way. I felt lucky. I have way more of a social life now than I did in recent years in NYC and yet I still spend quality time alone. Venus in the 12th House requires this. It’s cathartic, nourishing. So I was walking through this nearby park and that’s when it struck me. It struck me that I am always doing *this* wherever I am. Making discoveries alone. I walk. I discover. I talk to people I meet along the way.

And with the New Moon in Taurus, we can let trauma go. Let the trauma go. Let the traumas of the body go through the axis of the Taurus/Scorpio. Shoot them across to the Scorpio house like a shooting star and let Scorpio transmute them as Scorpio must and will. And, Taurus style, hold on like hell to…


Health. Sanity. Love. Pleasure. PLEASURE. Dear readers who are struggling with physical or mental trauma, are you lacking pleasure? What makes your body tingle?

Your trauma is resistant to tingle.

The world wants to give to you. Can you take it?


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