That Gutted Fish Feeling: Under Saturn

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I’m having a Saturn transit. I need to hold a funeral. Not for a dead body but for an idea or two. Dead dreams. Saturn square the 11th House of Fondest Hopes and Dreams, as my teacher used to say.

Today was an interesting day: one piece of hate mail, one embarrassing Mercury misunderstanding on my part, and this is from the blog post that I wrote earlier but didn’t finish:

It rained in the middle of the night last night. Rained while I was sleeping and then when I woke up to feed the cats… that was when I noticed it. Rain.

Water for the Sun leaving Scorpio. The day waking up.

And then side by side with the pastoral lovely was that gutted fish feeling. Transiting Saturn is squaring my Mars. Saturn is funny though (haha) he doesn’t just remove things, people, from our lives or make us feel afraid and oppressed, he also gives us a lot to do and not enough time to do it in. Or gives us a lot to do and then makes us sick, run-down, ya know? 

Can we handle all we’re being given? Yes.

Saturn tests and we desperately rise to the occasion while crawling on the floor.

Dreams die. Saturn squaring your 11th means that dreams will die and the fish were belly up this morning because of the rain.

So tonight I’m ready to hold a symbolic funeral. Wish I had a matchbox. But I’ll find something. Maybe an old wet wipes box. Bigger. Use the lint-remover-roller-thingie to represent the dead. I’ll light a candle or two and say goodbye.

Are you under Saturn? What’s leaving you?

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