Thanksgiving, Pluto, And The Stuff Of The Dead

"moon in virgo"
thanksgiving 2011

I had a good Thanksgiving. Had a great meal at a restaurant with friends, a very New York thing to do. And then I came home to start an astrology reading. And then I began a cleaning frenzy. Well, maybe not so frenzied. My picking up the broom ALONE is cause for alarm 😉

There are messy Virgos and there are clean Virgos. I’m a Virgo Moon, not Sun and I like things clean and orderly… especially if I can get someone else to do it. My Taurus roommate is worse than me. She doesn’t even notice the grime, mold, dust, ick, etc. I notice. I notice EVERYTHING.

But I did good: the bathroom, some of the living room, gathered the clothes for tomorrow’s laundry which included some organization of the closet, swept the kitchen, need to wash the dishes… okay okay it was a frenzy, but I went slow, and now I have big pile of garbage to take out tomorrow morning. I LOVE THROWING THINGS AWAY which I used to attribute to prominent (1st House) Pluto. And I’ve lost so much in my life, lost things, that I get nervous about acquiring anything. I don’t want to collect and Saturn in Virgo saw me lose just about everything.

It’s taken THIS LONG… to buy books again, clothes, stuff. I bought a mug today. I love mugs but every time I buy a thing, any THING, I think… loss. And as I write these words I realize that it’s less and less that I think of loss but it’s still in there. Although less and less.

It’s like when my mother died, well, when anyone dies: the stuff. Their stuff. What do you do with THE STUFF. Especially if they had a lot of stuff. Especially if you live out of town and you want all their stuff but can’t possibly take it all. And their smell. Is on the stuff. You know about that? I know about that.

This post is really rambling but appropriate perhaps for Thanksgiving. It’s an American day off. Well, not for all – I know that – but for many. I hope you got a chance to rest today and eat and… have one good moment of peace, one bite of pleasure, and one, or two, kisses.

I didn’t finish my glass of eggnog by the way. I kept joking that Jews don’t know from eggnog. It’s just not… well… it’s just NOT. That shrimp scampi is more Jewish than eggnog. You know it’s true 😉

Do you keep? Or do you throw? Where’s your Pluto? 

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