Thanksgiving In Retrospect (Moon Pluto People)

Suddenly I found myself in a mood.

And I committed to it. Low. To crouch down with it.

Not force it away saying bad mood bad mood bad, beating it with a stick.

Transiting Saturn is trine my Cancer Sun. Structuring emotional depth.

And again the image here – of crouching down with it – loooooooowwwwwwwwwww.

And I remembered my childhood, most of my life – emotions not permitted to roam free, Sagittarius-style 🙂 like the beasts and fawns they are.

To transform them, they MUST roam free first. Repression, oppression, submission halts the alchemy.

The ONLY way out is through.

In hindsight: Moon in Libra was likely opposing my natal Chiron at the time. It was a cloud that came and a cloud that passed and I looked up and it was gone, quick as it came in.

Now the good thing about Moon transits is that they move so fast but they can still alarm us, make us worry, knock us off our feet.

Working with, living with, difficult emotions (whatever it is we don’t want to feel), learning to sit with what is unpleasant or unwanted is one of my life long tasks and obsessions (out of necessity) and I tend to help people with this as well — because I have so much experience with it!

Side issue: sometimes I’ll be working with a client or even just in a chat room or class I’m running, and I’ll read or hear something and feel pierced in my heart (funny — I pulled the Ace of Swords as my daily card today!). THIS IS ALSO A FUNCTION OF THE MOON but this fierce raw pierced feeling, the FORCE of it is… new to me. The frequency of this occurrence feels new to me, surprising me when it happens because it’s so powerful.

It happened just now. Was reading a simple remark and whoosh. It happened. I asked my husband to hand me the tissues. And I don’t mind it but what’s interesting to me is the increase. An increase in empathy (and that doesn’t even feel like the right word, not exactly), in heart knowledge, but also in symbiosis.

Trying to describe that is fascinating to me. Blame it on my Virgo Moon 🙂 always analyzing 🙂

How was your Thursday?

Love, MP



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