Thank You (Saturn Trine Neptune, pt 2)

"moon pluto conjunction"
I love this card

Thanks everyone for your kindness. All is well.

Best part of the day was expanding my makeshift altar which hopefully I’ll have time to blog about tomorrow. So now it’s not just one yartzeit candle but a new incense holder (actually I never bought an incense holder before!), new candle-holders. Beautiful things. And before that bit of metaphysical retail therapy, I had a Tarot reading with someone local who I hadn’t seen in a while (for a reading anyway) and he really helped me get free. Actually I think it was a combination, a casserole!  — all the different readers and friends and clients too… who’ve been reflecting my life back to me these days… But it was as though tonight was the last piece that I needed to move forward.

Saturn is applying in trine to Neptune: you can get clear. Even (or especially) when you close your eyes 🙂

More than a little Virgo magic going on in this room tonight.

What kinda magic are you up to? 

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