Testimonials, Money, And Psychic Stuff!

"new moon in pisces"

A couple months ago I met with a local astrologer for a reading.

Hadn’t seen her in years but she was the first astrologer, the only astrologer actually who told me that I had an aptitude for *this* — for astrology. She saw it in my chart.

Flash forward five years (? not sure how long) and now I’m doing readings more and more and met with her to talk about my transits and other stuff and she told me to post testimonials. Good for business, she said.

And not just individual posts but to have a page where folks can read a whole bunch of them. I followed her advice although I’ve fallen behind in adding the individual posts to the official Testimonial page but it’s thanks to her that I organized them at all in the first place because it’s not my nature to say “Hey! Look what I did! Look what I can do!”

I’m a writer, always been a writer, always been intuitive but it wasn’t until recently that it really came together, the writing and the psychic stuff which I had never considered psychic stuff before.  And yet I was always doing this for friends, family… just not making a living at it.

From an email I received today:

I have to tell you, it’s a little spooky how this happens, all of this stuff is there but doesn’t crystallize until you point it out.  I feel all of it: square, inconjunct, trine, sextile & it’s unsettling until you put it together.  

 I’m deeply grateful for your insights and the way you help me make sense of myself.  Like a Sherpa ;). I didn’t get this much to work with from years of therapy, you should seriously think about charging more.

The money thing is a funny thing. I raised my rates a little in January and don’t want to go higher now. People can always tip if they feel the need 🙂 And, yeah, all of it helps. And I really do want to keep the short readings affordable. Sometimes what happens is that someone can only afford a $25 Mini-Tarot and then when money gets better they come back for something more in-depth. It plays out different ways.

But I appreciate the sentiment anyway, I do.


Hope you had a simply smashing New Moon!