Testimonial Part 2

"moon conjunct pluto"

So I posted a Testimonial earlier today from this gal (it was a few sentences from an email) but she just sent me another email with an Expanded Version of it! High praise and so beautiful I decided to post it too.

While googling an astrological transit one evening I just happened upon Aliza’s website and began reading her posts.  She struck me as unique and authentic so I inquired about a reading, something I never do online but my intuition was giving me all green lights.  What I found is that she is the real deal and then some!

Aliza’s report,  a combination tarot/astrological reading in response to a question with scant information about my circumstances was so intuitive and insightful that it gave me goosebumps.  It contained specific references to my situation that could only come from a person deeply in tune with her gifts.  She addressed follow up questions with great generosity and I found her counsel direct, positive, wise and blessedly accurate!  In fact I went to see the doctor this morning as she suggested I consider, and found that my swollen lymph nodes which I had not reported to her (but are likely related to the stress and fatigue she spoke of) could use a dose of antibiotics and bed-rest. 

I honestly have never received such an accurate and intuitive reading even in person, and find it amazing that her prices are well, beyond reasonable! 

Thank you so much Aliza!! 

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