"venus conjunct uranus"I received this lovely testimonial just now. The querent had asked for a Mini-Tarot reading and her question was general: what did I see around her, what was the vibe. And anything about a relationship. I had worked with her once before (a Mini-Astro, I believe) and although I remembered her name, I could not remember any details from our reading, could not even remember if she was in a relationship at all. Here’s what she sent me:

Amazing. I do not know whether to smile, cry or both. What a gift. This is exactly what is happening and exactly what I feel. And your timeliness and your way with words is poetic and also impactful. Trust me when I say you have a rare and true talent and gift and that both left and right brain people benefit from your insight. You are the best in my opinion in that you blend your skills and abilities and I swear you are a real live psychic as well. I can both sense it and no way could you know these things about myself or others without this gift. You are also very sensitive to your clients and in your writings. If you want- post this. I have utilized other astrologers, psychics and paid way more. You are the real deal my friend.

I am so glad the reading resonated for her but hmmm should I raise my rates? (Just kidding)


Apologies to the young woman who did request a reading this morning btw. The appointment that was preventing me from doing the reading got cancelled. In either case, you know where to find me if you want to reschedule.