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Testimonials make me feel a little bit bashful, a little bit goofy.  A few months ago, someone wrote a beautiful comment, complimenting me on the reading and I couldn’t post it.  Or, actually, I posted it and then took it away.  I’m trying to get better though and did establish a testimonial “category” if you want to see some others.

And this evening I wanted to share some excerpts from a couple emails I received today. Both excerpts are excerpted with permission 🙂

Person B. had this to say:

Firstly may I say (to use an Americanism) you get a lot for your buck.  You are concise, detailed and profound.  Your language is technical without overpowering the underlying human experience of those technical aspects to which you refer.  You substantiate your qualitative text with quantitative data.  So I believe that experienced and less experienced astrology followers would equally benefit from your readings.

And there was this from Person Q.

Moon Pluto:  You’re unlike any other – your approach combines the wordsmith, the lyrical, the mystical, the otherworldly, the intense and nurturing parts of yourself into a high vibratory offering to help those in astrological and spiritual need.  Harsh, natal aspects pepper my chart and Solar Return, but you offered a different colored lens to gaze through, which has fully empowered me.

Y’all are sweet people.  I am grateful.  I am touched by your trust and your sharing.  Thank you.

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