“This morning I had my first hour-long reading from Aliza MoonPluto.

I’ve had a few shorter readings with her before. They were great, very effective and always answered the question I asked, succinctly and with insightful intuition.

That said, I would urge anyone out there who is having a difficult time or even merely curious about upcoming/current transits, to splurge on the HOUR reading. It’s so worth it.

Aliza went above and beyond my questions. She dug deep, confirmed some things I had suspected and highlighted other very important issues I had glazed over.

At the end of this day I now have a fresh understanding of my situation, a new perspective from which to launch this next chapter of my life.  

It’s obvious to me that Aliza cares about her clients with a real, true concern and compassion that comes through in her readings.

Yes, I will be going back for more.”

Thank you, m’dear! It was a pleasure 🙂


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