This showed up in my inbox today-

“I have known Aliza for almost 10 years, in various capacities, and can’t speak highly enough about her as an intuitive reader,  spiritual guide,  and friend.  Whenever I find myself feeling blocked, or at a particular juncture, I contact Aliza and ask her for a reading – astrological and tarot.  She always responds within the day, providing support and affirmation for my questions, usually before I have even articulated them.  Aliza has an uncanny ability to perceive the anxieties I have at that particular moment and provide solutions that are sensitive, comforting and always useful.  For me, Aliza is a kind of spiritual guide – the person who I turn to when I need specific instruction on how to navigate obstacles, when I require a very specific kind of help and understanding.  She soothes my soul and I am immensely grateful.”

Thank you too 🙂


All summer long, 60 minute Phone Readings are $90 (instead of $120) Astrology and Tarot. 

And don’t forget the Mini-Moons! 

P.S. Check out this link! I have a poem in this new journal.