"saturn in scorpio"I asked the folks in the room to write me a couple sentences for a Testimonial if they were enjoying the private message board and classes. I was going to put them together into one big post but this one gets its own–

“For many many moons I have longed to engage with others about astrology. I have precious little time to attend a course or go to a conference so Aliza’s room has become important. After a couple private sessions, I knew that Aliza’s style was a good fit for me. In my humble opinion, she is a gifted astrologer. She is kind, generous, thoughtful and seriously intuitive. I love that she is *herself* all the time.

The other folks in this room bring great energy to the conversation, certainly in part because of Aliza’s beautiful spirit. Many seem to be awesome astrologers in their own right. I am learning so much and it’s fun to meet so many interesting peeps in cyberspace. 

One cool thing is that Aliza’s writing(s) always speaks to me. I keep thinking “this is just a coincidence” – but after a dozen or so times, I think we were just meant to work together. The other folks in the room seem to feel the same way (I think) and it has resulted in a safe, creative, exciting environment to learn, share, and grow.”

Thank you 🙂


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