"testimonial"I received this in my Inbox today 🙂

“I just got an email reading from Moon Pluto. I was amazed at her insight and her ability to communicate so clearly and viscerally the issues that plague my chart and what I need to do to change things.

I wish I had consulted with her long ago as I may have been able to circumvent so many issues that have been very trying for me. I now have tools I can use to better my life and feel really good about the things that I have learned.

MP is a very talented astrologer and Tarot reader! She gave me a quick reading  for a question I had and  was absolutely correct. Not only in the emotional tone, but also in what I need to do going forward.

I know I will be consulting with her again.  I highly recommend her for a reading. You won’t be disappointed.”

Thank you 🙂

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