"new moon in virgo"Yes, it’s true. I do get readings from time to time. In fact, I love to get readings. They are a great learning tool and not just for insight into one’s own chart, life, soul, but also it’s fun to observe how another astrologer (or tarot reader) thinks. How they put it together. What their process is.

In our 1st class in MoonPlutoLand we were talking about all kinds of stuff and occasionally the topic of fixed stars would come up. I know close to nothing about them so I contacted Jamie from Darkstar Astrology for a reading.

And then he contacted *me* for a reading. Here is his Testimonial:

I had the pleasure of reading Aliza’s chart and was so impressed by the intuitive talent I saw that I had to book in for a Tarot Reading. Aliza clearly saw my current issues and confirmed where I am heading. What I was probably even more impressed with was that she also accurately identified the psychological stumbling blocks in my way, and offered wise counsel on how to successfully deal with them. I highly recommend her services. Jamie Partridge

Thank you, Jamie!


P.S. The 2nd class is full however there is some room available for newcomers in our Private Discussion Group (all things astro and otherwise!) just one branch of MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing 🙂 Want to join us? Email me for details.

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